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Potato Bhakharvadi


250 gms boiled potatoes, 150 gms rajgira flour, 1 lemon juice, ginger and green chilli as per requirement, water as per requirement, oil for fry Ingredients for bhakhar:- 2 tblspn grated coconut, 4 tspn oil, 1 tspn garam masala paste, 2 tspn green chilli and ginger paste, 4 tspn coriander leaves, 1 tspn sugar, salt to taste Ingredients for garam masala paste:- 2-3 tblspn coriander leaves, 3 taj, 2 cloves, tspn jeera,tspn khus khus, groundnut as per requirement, salt as per taste, 1 lemon juice, 2 tspn cardamoms .


20 minutes

Mesh the boiled potatoes, Add salt, lemon juice, rajgira flour, green chilli and ginger paste, oil and sugar and mix well. In same way mix well all the ingredients to prepare bhakhar (It is nothing but a stuffing). Make round shapes of boiled potatoes. Cover the balls in rajgira flour and make thick roti. Spread evenly the mixture of bhakhar. In water add lemon juice and put it little on the spreaded bhakhar. Now make roll of that stuffed roti and cut in round shape. Deep fry in oil and serve with chutney

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