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Mix Veg Manchurian


For Mix Veg Balls: Mix vegetables (1/2 cup each of Cauliflower, Carrot, Cabbage and French Beans)
Onions – ½ Cup
Garlic – 1 Tsp
Gr Chili – 1 Tsp
Salt – To Taste
Pepper – To Taste
Corn Flour – 4-5 tBsp
Plain Flour/Maida – 4-5 tBsp
Oil – To Fry
For Completing manchurian: Veggie Balls
Onion – ¼ Cup (Sliced)
Spring Onion Whites: ¼ Cup (Sliced)
Spring Onion Greens – ½ Cup
Vinegar – ½ Tsp [Optional]
Salt – To Taste
Pepper – To Taste
Garlic – 1 Tsp
Gr Chili – 1 Tsp
Soy Sauce- 1 tBsp
Red Chili Sauce – 1½ tBsp
Gr Chili Sauce – 1½ tBsp
Schezwan Sauce – 1½ tBsp
Ketchup – 1 Tsp
Oil – 2 Tbsp


For Mix Veg Balls: Heat the oil for frying the veggie balls.In a bowl, mix all the rest ingredients very well and quickly make the balls out of it. Now fry them at med flame until half done/crust forms.Take the veg balls out of the oil and heat the oil to high. Now put in the balls again and fry till brown. Transfer to a tissue paper.Enjoy them as it is, they are delicious.. Or make a sauce, and enjoy as a manchurian.For completing manchurian: Heat a pan/wok with 2 tbsp oil in high flame. Throw in the garlic and chili. Saute for a couple of secs..Add in the onions, spring onion whites. Stir well and cook for a few secs.. Add in a handful of spring onion greens, salt and pepper to taste, soy sauce, chili sauce, red chili sauce, schezwan sauce, ketchup, vinegar and about 2 tbsp of water.Now throw in the veggie balls and stir well. Garnish with spring onion greens and enjoy!

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