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Kerala Vegetable Fried Rice


2 cups steamed rice,2 cups vegetables,1/4 cup spring onions.finely chopped,1 tbsp oil,1 tsp chopped garlic,2 tsp minced ginger,1/2 tsp pepper powder,1/2 tsp soya sauce ,1 tsp vinegar,salt as required.


30 minutes     Serves : – 2


Wash the rice and soak it for 15-30 minutes and drain the water. Add 1 and 1/2 cup water and rice in the vessel that comes with the electric cooker and switch on it. It will switch off automatically once it is done.This is the most simple and fast way of cooking basmati rice.Julienne cut the vegetables and make it ready.Heat oil in a wok.Reserve little spring onion for garnishing and add the remaining spring onion,chopped garlic,minced ginger,saute well.Add the vegetables and saute for few seconds.Add in the soya sauce,pepper powder,vinegar and soya sauce,saute well.Check above procedure to cook basmati rice and then add the steamed rice,mix it with sauce.Saute for few seconds and remove it from the stove. Garnish it with Spring onions.Here is the kerala vegetable fried rice is ready.It goes well with all kinds of indo chinese or any gravy.Enjoy!

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