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Idli Chaat


5 regular sized idlis
vegetable oil for frying
2 tablespoons tamarind date chutney or tamarind sauce for chaat, available at Indian stores
2 tablespoons sev, available at Indian stores

Left over idlis are best. Dont use freshly made idlis, they will get soggy. If you must use fresh idlis, cool them thoroughly before using. Idlis are available frozen in Indian stores.


Quarter the idlis.Pour enough oil in a heavy bottom or non stick skillet to coat the bottom. Shallow fry the idlis on medium high heat till one side is lightly golden. Gently flip the idli pieces and cook till the other sides is golden.Make sure the oil is hot enough. When you put the idlis in the oil, they must immediately sizzle. If they dont, your oil is not hot enough and the idlis will become too oily. The trick to frying idlis so that they are crisp and golden on the outside, but fluffy on the inside is to use hot oil and fry them quickly.Drain idlis on several layers of paper towels. Dab the fried idlis gently to take out the oil.Sprinkle salt over the hot idlis.Place them in a bowl, add the tamarind chutney and toss gently.Arrange the idli chat on a serving dish and sprinkle sev on top.

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