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Black Forest Cake


4  Eggs
100g  Sugar
100g  Butter
150g  Dark Chocolate
3Tbsp  Black Forest Kirsch (Liquor)
50g  Flour
50g  Potato Flour
1Tsp  Baking Powder
1  Pinch of Salt
150g  Ground Roasted Hazelnuts
½ l  Cream
1Pkt  Vanilla Sugar (or Vanilla Essence)
1/8 l  Black Forest Kirsch (Liquor)
750g  Red Cherries
50g (-80 g)  Grated Chocolate


Stir eggs and sugar well until smooth. Add the lukewarm runny butter, the melted chocolate (using the double-boiler method, melt chocolate with 2 tbsp of water) and the Kirsch. Mix flour, baking powder, salt and potato flour and sieve. Dry roast the ground hazelnuts in a pan untll they are light brown.Gently mix flour and hazelnuts into the egg-sugar mix and pour all into the pre-buttered springform. Bake at medium heat (190 °C) for 45 minutes. After the cake base has cooled down, cut it twice horizontally. Whip cream and vanilla sugar (or vanilla essence and sugar to taste).

Soak the cake layers with Kirsch and cover the two bottom ones with 1cm of whipped cream. Spread the drained cherries over it and press them gently into the whipped cream. Assemble the parts to form the cake (including the top part). Cover the whole cake generously with cream and decorate with grated chocolate. If so desired, one can add cream of tartar or dissolved (cooled down) gelatin to the cream to ensure the filling will remain firm over an extended period of time.

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