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Bitter Gourd (karela) Curry

2 – bitter gourds(karela), cut into long strips ,1.5 Tomato, cut into small pieces
1 – onion
2 – green chillies, cut lengthwise
1 tbsp – red chilli powder
1 tbsp – ginger-garlic paste
1 tbsp – coriander powder
1/2 tbsp – cumin seeds
1/2 tbsp – jeera
1 tbsp – turmeric powder
salt to taste
oil to cook and fry
curry leaves and coriander leaves to garnish

Take the bitter gourds(karela) which have been cut and wash with salt. Keep it aside.Put the pan on the stove. After the pan gets heated, add oil to fry the bitter gourd.Deep fry till the colour changes to light green.Place them aside.Now, heat the oil in the pan.After the oil gets heated, add cumin seeds and jeera.After they splutter, add green chillies.After a few minutes, add onion and fry till the onion turns golden brown.Now, add the turmeric powder and the ginger-garlic paste to it.Now, add tomatoes. After tomatoes boil to a little extent, add the fried bitter gourd to it.Wait for a while and then add red chilli powder and salt.After it gets completely cooked, add coriander powder to it. Garnish with curry leaves and coriander leaves.

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