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10 Indian Cooking Tips for Beginners

When you are just starting to dabble in cooking Indian food the recipes can look daunting.But with these great tips for beginners you will be off to the races cooking delicious Indian food at home.

Here are the tips:

1. Make sure you have all the right spices

Here’s a good starter list of spices:

  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Coriander Powder
  • Turmeric Powder
  • Cumin Powder
  • Garam Masala
  • Ground Cardamom
  • Whole Cumin Seeds
  • Black Mustard Seeds
  • Curry Leaves
  • Whole Cinnamon Sticks
  • Bay Leaves

2. Get a Pressure Cooker, Food Processor & Rice Cooker

Over half of expert Indian Recipe bloggers recommend getting a pressure cooker as a tip for beginners.

Pressure Cookers or Slow Cookers make cooking dried lentils, rice, beans and more easier (especially with separators). Separators can save a lot of time by letting you cook many ingredients at the same time.

Food Processors make preparing ingredients a breeze. A rice cooker will give your rice the good consistency you want. All 3 of these kitchen gadgets will make your life much easier when cooking.

3. Start With Simple Recipes

Start with recipes that uses 5-6 ingredients that have simple instructions. Try our Dal Makhani or Chicken Biriyani.

4. Do NOT use Curry Powder instead of Garam Masala

Curry Powder is not garam masala and is never used in India. Curry powder is not as flavorful and has turmeric and other additions. Curry Powder is a British or Western spice blend approximating the masala spice blends from North and South India. Use garam masala spice blend or the mentioned spices in Indian recipes.

5. Cover The Dish While Cooking

Covering a dish while cooking conserves fuel and also speeds up the cooking process using the steam.

6. Taste As You Go

Unlike baking you are better tasting your dish as you go. This way you can adjust spices based on your preference. Indian cooking can be forgiving in this way.

7. Prep All Your Ingredients Before Cookings

You should chop all your vegetables and prepare all your spices so it’s easy to add while cooking.

8. Cook Seafood on a Low to Medium Flame

When you cook seafood it’s better to cook on a low to medium flame and watch it. This will take only a bit longer but will keep you from over-cooking.

9. Follow the recipe EXACTLY…in the beginning

When you are first learning to cook Indian food you will want to follow the steps exactly. Once you start getting comfortable then you can start modifying recipes to your tastes.

10. Enjoy your time in the kitchen

If you are struggling to have fun in the kitchen you should try some other recipes. Cooking shouldn’t be a struggle. Find a good groove and make some delicious food!

That’s It!

Now you’re ready to dig in and start making some delicious food for your family and friends.

Check out all our Indian recipes here.

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